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I'm glad that far more folks are taking renewable energy much more seriously these days. I am absolutely a fan of renewable energy and love the feeling of knowing I'm helping the atmosphere, even if I'm just a single person! I am sure additional men and women will come around but hopefully that happens before we've gotten to the point of no return! Our family has saved a bundle on energy costs with solar power up on the roof.

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Great piece. Thanks for the information.

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Excellent stuff. I don't people understand the work that goes into that.

renewable sources

There are many benefits of renewable energy to the ordinary citizen and business owner. Homeowners will reap rewards from using renewable energy and energy-efficient appliances by saving money in the long run and reducing environmental impacts. That is why we should do an effort to promote the use of these renewable sources.

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If you love the oceans the BBC just put out a year ago, I believe a 6-7 part series. Absolutely, the best ocean documentary I have ever watched.

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Good article, when you consider how much of the planet is covered with the ocean then we should be embracing it's power.


Hopefully the US energy is going to get going with this.

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